Purveyors to the invitation and stationery industry
of laser and inkjet compatible blank invitations featuring
traditional, charming, mood setting, watercolor images
that reflect the uniqueness of the event and its hosts.

Our product line includes invitations, response cards, place cards,
foldover correspondence notes, lettersheets, calling cards and photo cards.

We hope that you are enticed by all that you see in this virtual catalog.
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All products are printed on either white or ecru 80 lb. cover stock. It has a short grain and mics @ 10.5, which performs as a 65 lb. cover stock in laser and inkjet printers.

Envelope color matches the stock of the product (either white or ecru).

All products are sold as blank stock.

All products are a single card with the exception of the calling cards which may be ordered single or 4-up (note: these are not perforated).


All products are laser and inkjet compatible.

Printers must have a straight paper path to prevent curling (i.e., in the front, out the back or vice versa).

Printing exceptions:

Vellum overlays (LE series) are laser compatible only.

Place cards will feed in an inkjet printer if rotated.

Single calling cards are too small to run in either printer.


Sizing information given with each image is actual image size, the envelopes will generally be ¼" larger in both directions.

If a product is folded (place cards , folded notes or photo cards) then the size indicated is that of the product when folded. To get the open size measurement simply double the smaller measurement (3.5" x 4.75" folded = 7" x 4.75" opened).


All products are standard first class postage, with the exception of oversized invitations ,which require extra postage.


"PC Series" are the only items that will mail as a postcard.